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15th - 16th March 2023

NanoFrazor User Meeting
14th March 2023

7th Thermal Probe Workshop

The Thermal Probe Workshop brings together nanofabrication experts and enthusiasts from all over the world for two days of talks, posters and discussions in Zürich, Switzerland. Nanostructures through creative fabrication methods, and a variety of applications will be presented in a series of talks, poster presentations. The workshop leaves ample time for in-depth discussions inspired by the talks and posters. 

Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Dr. Farnaz Niroui


Prof. Dr. Edoardo Albisetti

Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Dr. Herre van der Sandt

TU Delft

Dr. Benedikt Stender

Multiphoton Optics

Dr. Anthony Engler

Polymer Solutions

Prof. Dr. Giulia Tagliabue


Dr. Nolan Lassaline


Dr. Armin Knoll

IBM Research

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Brugger


Prof. Dr. Francesc Perez-Murano

IMB-CNM (Barcelona)

Prof. Dr. Weihua Zhang

Nanjing University

Prof. Dr. Radha Boya

University of Manchester

Prof. Dr. Ralph Spolenak


Prof. Dr. Monika Fleischer

Uni Tübingen

Technical program will be announced soon


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